The easiest, fastest, longest lasting, most profitable headlight restoration system in the world.

Headlights deteriorate for a combination of reasons. chief among those reasons is UV ray deterioration. UV ray deterioration can leave headlight lenses with either a milky-white "scratched" appearance or a yellow "film" layer. Both forms of deterioration can reduce the light output of a headlight by more than 75%, which effects safety, visibility and appearance and resale value.

Developed by a body work professional with over thirty years experience, Headlight Renew Doctor is a true 15 minute headlight restoration system that's easy to use process that will last 3-5 years!. Headlight Renew Doctor utilizes a proprietary, patent-pending "Spray-on" UV Protective Sealant that includes both anti-UV Ray and Anti-yellowing agents as well as special sealing components designed to deliver the ultimate in protection for headlight lense restoration!. Headlight Renew Doctor has restored over 100,000 sets of headlights to date and is the only product on the market to address both deterioration issues for product longevity! Plus, with over 5 years of Headlight Renew Doctor's existence, Headlight Renew Doctor to-date still has 100% customer satisfaction! Try HeadlightRenewDoctor for 30 days, if you do not like the product, return unused product for full 100% money back guarantee!

HeadlightRenewDoctor....because it works!

Step By Step Instructions


Step 1

With the 6” paper and tape, cover-up all around the headlight area. Tape down the edges of paper so the wind cannot blow paper around. Apply 2 layers of tape around edge of headlight for added protection.


Step 2

First take the sanding block, sanding the entire surface of the headlight. Some headlights will just have a “yellow layer,” others will have a “cloudy layer.” Both have to be completely sanded-off in this sanding process.


Step 3

Then take a sheet of 600 grit sandpaper water-sanding the entire headlight surface smooth until the “balling-up” on sandpaper no longer appears.


Step 4

Then take a sheet of 1000 grit sand-paper wet-sanding entire headlight smooth. The more you sand with 600 and 1000 grits, the better the end-results will produce!


Step 5

Then take the white rag and clean the entire headlight surface of dust, lightly wipe-off the dust on the headlight surface. Wipe and clean entire surface!


Step 6

Next take the “Headlight Renew” spray can from your box and shake for 3-4 minutes.


Step 7

Using the spray can, spray an even “semi-gloss-coat” over entire headlight surface using sweeping left to right motion. Allow 1st coat to dry approx. 2-3 minutes.* Then apply a second gloss-coat coat evenly over entire surface. Refer to website video for applying UV Ray protective Sealant process!(You may want to practice spraying a small amount on a board before applying Sealant to the headlight.)


Step 8

If a “cloudiness” appears in spray, use a hairdryer or a heatgun and apply hot-air on headlight for 30 seconds and “cloudiness” will disappear!


Step 9

Proceed to 2nd headlight and repeat process beginning with Step # 1. Allow both headlights to let dry for about 5 minutes, and then remove all tape and paper carefully from your automobile using caution not to touch headlights. For best results: 1st coat is semi-gloss coat, 2nd coat is the gloss-coat!



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About Us

I've always been a car man…a gear head who misses his 1970 Chevelle like I miss the smell of motor oil if I am absent from my shop for too long. Cars are my passion, my hobby and my profession. I painted my first car when I was 19 and I opened my own body shop when I was 22 years old. People used to joke that I wasn't born at a hospital but delivered to a dealership.

In 2007 I first noticed that headlights were yellowing. I was working on a 2004 Corolla and it had been involved in a front end collision. Only one of the headlights was damaged, but when I replaced that light it was immediately obvious that the other light had yellowed substantially. At that point in time, I wasn't sure what the cause of the yellowing was but I wanted to investigate further. Once I was aware of the issue and started to look at cars on the road it quickly became clear that a large number of 3 to 4 year old cars suffered from this problem. I sensed an opportunity.

Over the next 12 months I developed my first headlight restoration system. I experimented with gels, clear coats, and even laquers. The problem I found was that all of these treatment methods immediately "refinished" the surface of the light but within weeks, the headlight was even more yellow than before. I then began to investigate the causes behind the yellowing in an effort to develop a "cure." I soon discovered that the headlight discoloration fell into two categories; yellowing and cloudiness. The types of discoloration issue were specific and consistent with the makes of the cars involved; Chrysler's went cloudy and Nissan's went yellow. Each make went one way or the other. While the "symptoms" showed themselves differently (one yellow and the other cloudy) there was one root cause; UV ray exposure. I began to experiment on how to counteract this problem.

From my investigations I learned that UV ray exposure was at the heart of the deterioration problem. The plastic lens covers were similar but their reaction to UV light was different. I asked myself, "If there is one cause, can there be one remedy…" I then began to tinker with the chemical formula until I developed a product that was equally effective on both types of lens covers and offered a prolonged protection against a recurrence of the issue.

In the spring of '08, I began to offer this service to several local used car dealerships. The used car world is small and word of a headlight restoration service began to spread. Soon I expanded to offer restoration as a mobile service in Chattanooga and surrounding areas. I began to call on new car dealerships to offer this service. Jaguar of Chattanooga was the first to pick-up on this service to offer it to their customers. At this point headlight restoration became a full-time operation.

One day while calling upon a new car dealership, the service manager asked if I had a kit that would do multiple headlights that he could purchase to implement in his service bays. The light bulb went off in my head. I spent the next week putting together a kit that would do forty sets of headlights and then spent the next six weeks cold-calling with the new kit. At first no one bought it, not even the man who gave me the idea.

However, an appointment with Marshall-Mize Ford Service Manager, Mitchell Kearnea set the stage for the acceptance of the kit. I gave Mitchell my two minute sales spiel and without missing a beat Mitchell blew me off. I went back to the car dejected and ready to give up. I noticed a car beside mine that had cloudy headlights. I asked the owner if I could "renew" her headlights for free. She said "Yes, I don't drive at night because I can't see, do you think this would help?" I renewed one headlight, and then drove the car into the service area where Mitchell's office was located. I walked into his office and politely asked him to watch the 2nd headlight of the car being renewed. His face was blood-red as he came out. I then renewed the 2nd headlight in 4 minutes!

He asked, "Is that all there is to it?"

I said, "Yes."

30 seconds passed in silence. Mitchell finally asked, "Can you come back Thursday at 10am and demo for my technicians?"

"Yes, I can and thank you for your time!" That Thursday I demoed on three cars in forty minutes with a dozen technicians, the shop manager, and three sales advisors watching the process. Ten minutes later, Mitchell wrote me a check for the first kit and Headlight Renew Doctor was born.

Since that first sale, this family of products has been sold to over 650 retailers in 14 states, and 8 countries. The product can save the replacement cost of a new headlight for a fraction of the cost. Whether sold as a service or bought as a DIY product, there is no better headlight restoration system—it’s easy, it’s fast, it works and it lasts.